Google maps

[google_maps latitude="47.660937"
html="We are here"
popup="true" zoom="10"
height="200" width="400"]
  • width
  • height
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • zoom
  • scrollwheel
  • pancontrol
  • zoomcontrol
  • maptypecontrol
  • scalecontrol
  • streetviewcontrol
  • overviewmapcontrol
  • doubleclickzoom

Contact form

  • header - header text
  • mailto - email address
  • subject - subject of the admin mail
  • name - name field placeholder
  • email - email field placeholder
  • phone - phone field placeholder
  • message - message field placeholder
  • buttontext
  • placeholders - show placeholders, placeholders are labels inside inputs which disappear when content is entered - yes; no;
  • align - form alignment, should fields align left or right? - left; right;
  • success - success message
  • fail - error, error message


2133 Stanton Hollow Road

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Acton, MA 01720



[email protected] [email protected]

[contact header="..." phone="..."
fax="..." email="..."]
  • header - header text
  • phone
  • phonelabel - ex. phone:
  • fax
  • faxlabel - ex. fax:
  • email
  • emaillabel - ex. e-mail:
  • url - website
  • urllabel - website url, ex. website:


[twitter user="envato"]
  • header - header text
  • user - username, twitter username
  • key - customer key
  • secret - customer secret
  • token - access token
  • token_secret - token secret, access token secret
  • limit - limit news
  • button - follow us button, follow us button label. leave blank to hide it
  • newwindow - new window?, open in new window follow us button?
  • parseurl - you can display links from the content as plain text, short html links or full html links - plain; short; display;
  • parsemedia - you can display media links from the content as plain text or 3 types of html links - plain; short; display; expanded;
  • parseid - parse user id?, display user @ids as plain text or links - yes; no;
  • parsehashtag - parse hashtag?, display #hashtags as plain text or links - yes; no;
  • img - embed images?, embed images into posts content? - yes; no;
  • imgsize - size of embeded images?, embedded image size - thumb; small; medium; large;
  • maxlength - tweet length limit, max length of the tweet
  • cache - cache results for x seconds, cache twitter feeds for better performance ex. 900 = 15 minutes. 0 - disabled


[socials headertext="Follow us" fb="#"
twit="#" dribbble="#"
google="#" linkedin="#"
pinterest="#" flickr="#"
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youtube="#" vimeo="#"
skype="#" email="#"
  • header - header text
  • fb - facebook username
  • twit - twitter username
  • dribbble - dribbble username
  • google - google+ username
  • linkedin - linkedin username
  • pinterest - pinterest username
  • flickr - flickr username
  • tumblr - tumblr username
  • vimeo - vimeo movie
  • skype - skype user
  • phone - phone number to call by skype
  • phonelabel
  • email - email address
  • emaillabel
  • rss - show rss feed link? - no; yes;
  • tooltip - choose tooltip position - top; bottom;
  • pullleft - pull elements left? - no; yes;

Social buttons

Share it:

[social_buttons header="Share it:" url="..."]
  • header - header text
  • url

Flickr photostream

[flickr user="..."]
  • header - header text
  • user - user id, pulling from a flickr user. you can find id here
  • group - group id, pulling from a flickr group. you can find id here
  • set - set id, pulling from a flickr user's set. you can find id here
  • num - number of images
  • order - order type - latest; random;
  • size - s; t; m;
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